Dog Parks

The city of Glendale offers three public dog parks where dogs are allowed to run and play off-leash. See the complete list of dog park rules below.

Sahuaro Ranch Park
63rd Avenue and Mountain View Road
The dog park area is just north of the west parking lot and just south of the softball complex.

Foothills Park
57th Avenue and Union Hills Drive
The dog park area is located northeast of the softball complex and access is from the Foothills Library parking lot.

Northern Horizon dog parkNorthern Horizon Park
63rd Avenue and Northern Avenue
The dog park area consists of a large fenced-in play area, a play area for small dogs, water fountains and waste stations.

Dog Park Rules:

• Enter at your own risk.
• Children under 13 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Keep small children and infants under strict supervision.
• You are required by law to pick up your pet waste and to properly dispose of it. City Code 27-48A.
• Aggressive dogs are not allowed. Remove dogs at the first sign of aggression. Owners are liable for any injuries or damage.
• All dogs must be licensed and vaccinated and must wear their identification and permit tags.
• Dog owner must be in attendance with your dog at all times, and carry a visible leash.
• Limit 3 dogs per visit. Dog owners must be able to maintain control of their dogs.
• Leash dogs while entering and exiting the dog park.
• Any damage done to the park (such as digging) must be repaired immediately.
• Female dogs in heat are not allowed in the dog park.
• Dog treats and food are not allowed in the park.
• All dog owners who fail to comply with the above rules may be asked to leave, or be ticketed.

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