Glendale's Public Art

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1. Glendale City Hall
5850 West Glendale Avenue

Glendale Pioneers 1910
Richard Szwarocky, 1984, mahogany bas-relief
A Time of Rains
Francis Beaugureau, 1989, oil on canvas
Arizona Promise
Robert McCall, 1984, oil on canvas

Glendale Pioneers 1910 was commissioned for City Hall's 1st floor lobby to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Glendale's incorporation in 1985. The artwork depicts the community's agricultural beginnings and early settlers migration to the area. A Time of Rains and Arizona Promise, two large paintings, adorn the City Council Chambers. While A Time of Rains depicts the desert life in the past, Arizona Promise looks to the future.

2. Bonsall Park, 59th Avenue and Bethany Home Road
Rising Together
Dennis Smith, 1994, bronze

3. Elsie McCarthy Sensory Garden, 7637 North 55th Avenue

Seeing Beyond Seeing Beyond
Joan Baron and Robert Miley, 1998, ceramic and concrete

The garden was developed to stimulate the senses of sight, sound, smell and touch. Through the use of integrated art, plants and water, visiting this award-winning garden is a moving experience. Elsie McCarthy was an avid gardener. She continued her gardening throughout her life even after she lost her eyesight. More information about the Sensory Garden

4. Foothills Recreation and Aquatics Center, 5600 W Union Hills Drive

Go Go Go Go, Go, Go
Gordon Huether, 2006, glass

Gordon Huether's Go, Go, Go adorns the main entrance of the building, which faces Union Hills Drive. The 14-foot high by 16-foot wide artwork consists of mouth blown-glass and is integrated into the south-facing glass curtain wall of the building's main lobby. Imagery on the artwork features international sports symbols that represent many of the Center's varied activities.

5. Glendale Adult Center, 5970 West Brown Street

Ocean Journey Ocean Journey
Shan Shan Sheng, 2003, cast glass

Shan Shan Sheng's Ocean Journey is incorporated into the 115-foot railing for the Adult Center's main lobby stairway and 2nd floor balcony. This vividly colorful artwork grabs visitors' attention as they enter the building. The Adult Center hosts art exhibitions featuring local artists throughout the year.

6. Glendale Community Center, 5401 West Ocotillo Road
MARS Artspace Suite of Lithographs

Also known as the Ocotillo Community Center, the facility's lobby features a suite of 7 lithographs that were produced and donated by MARS Artspace, a former non-profit arts organization in downtown Phoenix. The suite features artworks by Joe Ray, Patssi Valdez, Frank Y'Barra, Rupert Garcia (2), Alfredo Arreguin and Cesar Martinez.

7. Murphy Park, 58th and Glendale Avenues

Old Friends Old Friends
George Lundeen, 1986, bronze

Old Friends greets visitors to Murphy Park and Velma Teaque Library and is often sited as a favorite by Glendale residents.

8. O'Neil Park and Pool, 6448 West Missouri Avenue
Made in the Shade
Ann LaRose, 1983, bronze

9. Rose Lane Pool, 5003 W Marlette Avenue
Crocodile Dandy
Bill Bond, 1996, bronze

10. Sahuaro Ranch Park, 9802 North 59th Avenue

Unsteady Steadiness Unsteady Steadiness
Jane DeDecker, 1995, bronze

11. Glendale Municipal Airport, 6801 North Glen Harbor Boulevard

Estrella Mountains Estrella Mountains
Ed Mell, 1986, oil on canvas
Michael Anderson, 2002, steel

Phoenix painter Ed Mell is known for his stylized panoramic landscapes. His artwork, located in the terminal lobby, captures the look of the Southwest Valley's Estrella Mountains on a cloudy day. Michael Anderson's 20' high abstract sculpture marks the terminal's entrance with its soaring sweeping form.

12. Main Library, 5959 West Brown Street

A Way of Life A Way of Life
Howard Post, 1987, oil on canvas

Howard Post's A Way of Life commemorates Arizona's ranch-life heritage, located in the main lobby.

Desert Adaptations Wall and Blue Planet
Juanita Hull-Carlson, 2006, ceramic

Juanita Hull-Carlson's Desert Adaptations Wall and Blue Planet resulted from an artist- in-residence project with the Glendale Water Conservation Program.

Glendale Pioneers 1910 Study Glendale Pioneers 1910 Study
Richard Szwarocky, 1984, terra cotta bas-relief

Located in the main lobby, the Richard Szwarocky artwork was a study for his Glendale Pioneers 1910 located at City Hall.

Icarus Triumphant Icarus Triumphant
Robert McCall, 1988, acrylic mural

Robert McCall's mural Icarus Triumphant depicts the Greek legend of Icarus from a modern perspective of flight and exploration, located in the main lobby.

The Irrigators The Irrigators
Debbie Gessner, 1985, bronze

Along the library's Brown Street entrance is Debbie Gessner's The Irrigators, which celebrates Glendale's agricultural roots and pays tribute to the importance of irrigation for the development of the area.

Meeting on the Trail Meeting on the Trail
Allan Houser, 1987, bronze

Located in the main lobby, Allan Houser's Meeting on the Trail depicts two Apache women greeting each other.

Picture Books Picture Books
Gary Alsum, 1996, bronze

Located near the library's rear north entrance in the Xeriscape Garden, Gary Alsum's Picture Books captures the moment of children reading.

Veteran's MemorialVeterans Memorial
Joe Tyler, 2002, bronze, copper, steel, sandstone & concrete

The most monumental artwork is the Veterans Memorial, For Every Drop of Blood For Every Life Devoted by West Valley artist Joe Tyler. The artwork, which can be viewed from 59th Avenue, has five sculptural trees commemorating the five branches of the military the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard. The Memorial's leaves represent the thousands of Arizona Veterans that have served and continue to serve in the military.

Whirlwind Whirlwind
Gary Slater, 1991, stainless steel

In the library's Xeriscape Botanical Garden is Gary Slater's abstract "s" shaped Whirlwind.

13. Foothills Branch Library, 19055 N 57th Avenue

Magic Doors Magic Doors
Kathy Bradford, 1999, etched glass doors

Kathy Bradford's sandblasted etched glass Magic Doors greets children entering the library's special reading room.

The Sun and the Moon The Sun and the Moon
Dale Chihuly, 1999, blown glass chandelier

World-renowned artist Dale Chihuly created The Sun and the Moon chandelier that greets visitors entering the library. Comprised of more than 1,100 individually hand-blown glass forms, the 10-foot chandelier is suspended above the main lobby.

24 Hours in the Sonoran Desert 24 Hours in the Sonoran Desert
Melissa Paxton, 1999, glass

Also in the children's area is Melissa Paxton's 24 Hours in the Sonoran Desert, a 78-foot long glass mural inspired by the desert's ecology and wildlife.

14. Fire Station #157, 9658 North 59th Avenue

A Tribute to Firefighters A Tribute to Firefighters
Jay Tchetter, 1997, brick sculpture

Jay Tschetter's carved brick A Tribute to Firefighters was inspired by the Oklahoma City federal building tragedy and features images of Glendale's first fire station and fire truck.

15. Fire Station #158 and Police Substation, 6261 North 83rd Avenue

Team Work Team Work
Hai Ying Wu, 2006, bronze

Hai Ying Wu's Team Work showcases the collaborative nature of police and fire fighters in emergency situations.

16. Fire Station #159, 17159 North 63rd Avenue

Fire Medallion Fire Medallions
Greg LeFevre and Jennifer Andrews, 2006, bronze

The artwork by Greg LeFevre and Jennifer Andrews features 4 large bronze medallions that depict the tools of fire fighting.

17. Public Safety and City Court Complex, 5711 West Glendale Avenue

Territorial Sheriff Territorial Sheriff
Bill Nebeker, 1990, bronze
Princely Beast
David Stayer, 1996, recycled metal

At the Public Safety and Courts Complex, Bill Nebeker's sculpture commemorates Samuel Stout, Maricopa County's 14th sheriff as a man of strength and courage. David Steyer's artwork is made from found objects, including recycled bicycle parts. Both artworks adorn the courtyard area for the buildings. The Courts and Public Safety buildings are home to many of the City's portable artworks.

18. Field Operations Center, 6210 West Myrtle Avenue

Glendale: Strong Facility Glendale: Strong Facility
Steven Weitzman, 2004, steel and glass blocks

Glendale: Strong Facility is best viewed by automobile driving along Grand Avenue between Orangewood and Myrtle. The artwork celebrates the contributions of Field Operations Department employees to the Glendale community. The 700-foot wall features four corten-steel laser-cut silhouettes of employees.

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